Frequently Asked Questions


Do you also design/construct things other than stores?

Yes, we do.
We handle a wide range of projects, from stores to houses, offices, and model room coordination. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I make a partial request?

Even minor construction work is not a problem at all.
Even for renovation work based on partial design proposals, we will strive to make proposals that have a synergistic effect that will make the whole look brand new.

Can I request only interior construction work?

Yes, we do.
We will carry out the construction work based on your company's design and plan.

About Cost

From what point do costs start to incur?

After the consultation, we will submit a plan based on the content of the meeting, and if you are satisfied, we will sign a contract.
From there, a portion of the amount will be incurred as a contract fee. Consultations up to that point are free of charge, so please feel free to contact us.

Will the construction cost change after the contract is signed?

This is not the case within the scope of the construction work covered by our estimate, but there is a possibility of additional work or work outside the scope of the estimate.
In such cases, we will consult with you in advance and only proceed with the work after you have agreed, so there is no need to worry. The price may also be lower.

I am planning to renovate my store. Can you adjust to my budget?

It would be helpful if you could tell us your budget at the time of your initial consultation.
We will consider plans and materials according to your budget. However, there are some construction works that are absolutely necessary (such as air conditioning, equipment, and sash work), so depending on the property, it may be difficult.

About Timing

How long before the scheduled opening of the store should I consult with you?

It depends on the size of the store, but it is a good idea to consult with us about three months in advance.
However, we will try to respond as quickly as possible, as rent will be incurred once the property is decided. For customers who have not yet decided on a property, we will assist you in finding a property.

About Property

I haven't decided on a property yet. Can you help me find one?

Yes, we can.
We will help you find a property. Even if you are opening your first store and are unsure of many things, we will find a property that suits your plans.

Are there any points to consider when looking for a property?

The construction cost will vary considerably depending on whether the property has air conditioning/sashes, water supply/drainage/gas facilities (for restaurants), etc.
If you consult with us before signing a contract for a property, we will conduct a site survey, so please feel free to contact us.


What kind of after-sales service do you provide after the completion of construction?

We always strive to provide prompt after-sales (maintenance) service.
Maintenance of equipment, in particular, is essential for store owners, and we will respond promptly to any request, no matter how small, to ensure that your store operations are not affected.

Where can I contact you?

Please feel free to call us and say "I saw your website".
We also accept inquiries by FAX.

For questions and consultations, please use the inquiry form.