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The Future of IEMONOGATARI Group


Video Summary

Current Status

  • Increased number of architects and designers
  • Increase in work related to international schools
  • Shift from individual renovations to focusing on stores
  • Increase in projects for commercial facilities, hotels, and villas
  • Proposals combining housing and accommodation facilities

Future Prospects

  • Continue with individual renovations
  • Expansion of projects for commercial facilities, hotels, and villas
  • Proposals combining housing and accommodation facilities
  • Designs tailored to land and owners
  • Focus on ease of use and enjoyment
  • Accommodation facilities for families with children

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We explain the latest information and appeal of LED signs. We introduce the advantages compared to conventional signs and examples of their use in various installation locations!

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Video Summary


Sangetsu Tile Carpet Construction Examples

  • There were about 1000 cases of replacing tile carpets on raised floors.
  • Many requests are for maintaining the existing raised floor, removing the existing tile carpet, and installing new carpet.
  • Most customers tend to decide after looking at the catalog. Raised floors are for creating wiring and space under the floor.

Raised Floors and Wiring

  • Raised floors are a facility for running electricity and networks under the floor.
  • This is a way to install outlets and networks on the floor and arrange the floor neatly.

Construction Contents and Work Process

  • Construction involves removing the existing tile carpet and re-laying new tile carpet on the raised floor.
  • Approximately 1000 tiles are laid in 3 days, and the wiring under the floor is organized.
  • When laying tile carpets, they are arranged evenly and processed to make them easy to lay.

Carpet Selection and Construction

  • There is not much difference in the quality of tile carpets, but the designs are different. It does not affect the construction cost.
  • It is recommended to choose according to your preference. It is also possible to purchase carpets at a home center and request construction.

Points to Note During Construction

  • It is important to check the adhesive used during construction and the condition of the substrate. Using cheap adhesive may cause problems later on.
  • There are two options: "nori-nashi" (laying without adhesive) and "nori-tsuke" (laying over the entire floor). Consider maintenance and construction stability.

Carpet Handling and Delivery

  • Transporting carpets is a heavy and difficult task. Care should be taken in transportation if purchasing a large quantity.
  • When purchasing from a home center, delivery may take time, so it is recommended to consider a delivery method that matches the construction schedule.

Final Construction Results

  • The work after construction is checkered, combining and laying it in a wide space.
  • Advice on maintenance and handling after construction is also provided.

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Construction Area


Please consult us for surrounding areas.

Sapporo City, Hokkaido

Chuo Ward / Kita Ward / Higashi Ward / Nishi Ward / Minami Ward / Toyohira Ward / Shiroishi Ward / Atsubetsu Ward / Kiyota Ward / Teine Ward


Kitahiroshima City / Ebetsu City / Eniwa City / Ishikari City / Otaru City / Chitose City / Tomakomai City / Iwamizawa City / Nanporo Town / Naganuma Town


Store Interior Examples


Hair Removal Salon


New Tenant Design


Hair Salon

New Store Construction




Hair Salon



Our Concept


We help you create a wonderful store.
More reasonable and design-oriented than anywhere else
With 3D design and the latest market judgment
We make good use of both high-quality and inexpensive materials.
We provide services while constantly striving to realize users' dreams within their budget.

About Budget

Every store has a budget.
However, at the same time, there must be assets that must be reserved in order to run a store.

We will construct designs and materials above or below your budget and make proposals to you.

We believe that store design is not always a 100% complete design from the beginning.

Two years after a new store opens, the design of the store will inevitably be created by the customers and the owner.
Therefore, when a new store opens, we do not set the GOAL to 100%, but to 80% with room for design. Of course, we will deliver the details at 100%.

First of all, we would be happy if you are interested.
Of course, we also welcome competitive bids.
Please consider supporting your wonderful store creation.

Is it difficult to choose an interior contractor specializing in restaurants?

About 10 years ago, before this site was launched.
One day I got a call from a friend who lives in another prefecture.

"Can you find an interior contractor for me?"
He suddenly asked me for help.

He was steadily preparing to open his long-awaited "specialty gyoza restaurant".
I had heard that the plan was going well, as he had saved up money and decided on a location for the store, but he was having trouble choosing an interior construction company.

The event of "creating your own restaurant" is not something that individuals experience many times. For most people, it is an unknown challenge.

Nevertheless, interior construction is not a cheap purchase that can be done for 100,000 or 200,000 yen.
Many people feel pressured to "not fail in choosing an interior contractor".
It is only natural to want to take your time and carefully select a contractor.

However, the time before a store opens is incredibly busy.
You have to get a business license for the restaurant, procure cooking utensils and tableware, develop a menu, and research dishes. My friend seemed to be busy every day.

I readily agreed to help, but at this time I just thought, "It's really hard to open a restaurant."

The Emotion of Building a Restaurant from Scratch

I compared and considered renovation companies on behalf of my friend and chose one that I thought was "definitely the right one".

Then, out of a sense of responsibility as the one who chose and curiosity about building a restaurant, I decided to attend the interior construction.
When the work began, counters and chairs were placed in the empty space, and the restaurant gradually began to take shape. As I watched the process, I became excited and enjoyed visiting the site, even though it wasn't my own restaurant.

What was particularly impressive was the professional eye and skill of the contractor.

When making a sign

  • It is more noticeable from a distance if it protrudes largely towards the street.
  • It is more noticeable if it is raised a little higher.

They gave me advice, such as

When my friend said, "I want a curved counter," they explained that it would be difficult in terms of materials and budget, and suggested alternatives.
I was very grateful that they did not dismiss it as "impossible" or "an amateur idea," but listened carefully to our requests.

Also, when they said, "Heating power is important for gyoza, so you should check if the gas pipe is compatible," they pointed out something I hadn't even thought of, and I was filled with admiration and gratitude.

Thus, with the full support of the contractor's knowledge and experience, my friend's gyoza restaurant was completed.
My friend was looking at the restaurant with a truly happy smile.
I'm sure he was deeply moved to have his dream restaurant come true.
And I, who was supposed to be an outsider, also felt a thrilling joy.
I was very impressed that the restaurant my friend had envisioned in his mind had become a reality, and that it had been materialized more powerfully and vividly by the contractor's skill.

I want to help more people create restaurants.

Impressed by the wonderful experience of "creating a restaurant," I became interested in the restaurant interior business and as I researched, I learned that many people had also had disappointing experiences with restaurant construction.

  • I thought it was cheap, but unexpected additional construction occurred, which ended up costing more.
  • The contractor did not meet the deadline, which delayed the opening.
  • The construction was sloppy, and it took time and money to repair it.

It's really a shame that what should be the happiest experience of creating a restaurant turns into a sad memory.
Is there anything I can do to reduce the number of people who have to go through such disappointment? That's how I decided to get involved in the interior design business specializing in restaurants.

I'm sure everyone has their own anxieties and expectations.
I would be happy if you could tell me all about it.
Having been involved in creating restaurants like this, I think I can understand your feelings to some extent.
Leave the confusing and time-consuming task of choosing an interior contractor to me.

I will take responsibility for finding the perfect interior contractor for your restaurant, a contractor who will make your restaurant even better than you imagined. Please focus on what only you can do.
And I would be happy if you could share the joy and excitement of creating your restaurant with me and the contractor in the end.

Sapporo Shop
CEO Tomonori

Sapporo Shop Work Scenery


4 Reasons Why IEMONOGATARI Is Chosen




Waste-free pricing because of in-house construction!

No unnecessary costs because there are no intermediate margins for subcontractors!
We provide our own in-house construction with responsibility. We will make suggestions that meet your needs. We will take responsibility for the construction until the end so that you will be satisfied with the finish!



We can handle even small problems because we are locally based.

When it comes to store interior construction, there are many things you don't know what kind of interior is good, and you have a lot of anxiety about the finish.
Because we are locally based, we can quickly come to you no matter what your problem is! Please feel free to contact us even for small matters!



We value the relationship of trust with our customers.

We want to build long-term relationships with our customers with a sense of responsibility!
That's why we value the relationship of trust with our customers. We provide careful and long-lasting construction. We would be happy to help you protect your precious home with high-quality construction.



Continuous efforts to improve quality

We will make every effort to improve customer satisfaction.
If you have any concerns, please tell us how you feel!
We will take your concerns seriously and respond sincerely.

Sapporo Shop's Promise to Customers


We do not make any unsolicited phone calls or visits.

We do not engage in any sales activities such as making phone calls or visits without a request.

Realization of construction at appropriate prices

You can be satisfied with the display of appropriate prices that are neither too high nor too low, and the submission of easy-to-understand quotations.

We do not perform unnecessary construction work.

We will always discuss with you about the parts you have requested and the parts that belong to them, and submit a quotation.

We do not do cheap construction work.

In such cases, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we may refuse your request.

For questions and consultations, please use the inquiry form.